Bauhaus International (Holdings) Limited

Bauhaus International (Holdings) Limited is a fashionable company which imports global renowned brands of denim and accessories for sale. Nowadays, it owns a top position in fashion world. Regarding there is a trend of online shopping, citizens used to know the latest information of different brands from online promotions; Bauhaus also follows the trend to keep in touch with its customers.

We had created landing page, which is especially for its customers to register so as to earn the coupons for its upcoming BAZAAR SALE. In addition, we had designed flyers which are promoted the BAZAAR SALE; the flyers showed the clothes on sale and coupons to draw readers’ attentions.

As a result, this digital promotion campaign had successfully attracted a large amount of customers to visit the BAZAAR SALE; it had also induced a positive world-of-mouth effect among customers.

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