Global International Credit Limited (GICL)

Global International Credit Limited (GICL) is a famous licensed money lender in Hong Kong; it provides a variety of highly flexible loan solutions. Nowadays, there are lots of different loan services in Hong Kong, but customers do not really know the differentiation between loan services. Therefore, they need a platform that can show their services descriptions for better understanding.

In O-to-O generation, digital marketing is a popular trend for companies to increase their brand awareness. Helping GICL to expand its mortgage businesses to online platform, we had launched a series of digital marketing solutions including websites design and development, google banner marketing, mobile apps production, search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, E-Direct Mailing (EDM) strategy, and SNS promotion.

As a result, customers can always keep in touch with GICL through its official websites, mobile apps and SNS platform, a continuous communication channel with customers is hence built up. After launching the SEO strategy, when customers want related loan services, GICL is easier to be appeared in google search engine; its awareness had been enhanced.

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