Hong Kong Muay-Thai Association X Madness Combat

Hong Kong Muay-Thai Association is a non-profit organization and regulator which is especially for Muay-Thai promotion. Madness Combat is an organization which is especially for holding boxing match. They often cooperate to hold boxing matches; they need different promotion techniques to promote the matches.

We had designed and developed the booklets and backdrops of the matches, when the match fans received the booklets, they knew where they can locate and the flow of the whole event; when they saw the backdrops, they can feel the morale of the matches, which made they easier to come over. What is more, we had also helped organizing the whole event from promotions to the end of the matches.

As a result, those boxing matches were successfully organized with high participation rate, the awareness of Muay-Thai had been raised, and more people were interested in this sport. Besides, the boxing matches became popular not only in Hong Kong, but also in other countries.

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