Restoring Mums

Restoring Mums is a fitness centre which is especially for mums after pregnant. By providing mums with the tools for recovery and rejuvenation, they can restore their own well-being and support a happy and healthy growing family in parallel.

We had re-designed and developed the official and e-shopping websites of Restoring Mums; the designs help building a professional brand image, mothers can have a brief understanding towards different courses by visiting the webpages. We also helped modifying its Facebook Fanpage posts’ styles by giving suggestions; this is an open platform for mothers to share their difficulties and feelings to Restoring Mums so they can ask for solutions.

As a result, Restoring Mums gained high reputation with professional image among the industry, this make mothers become more confident when they are choosing the company. Besides, a positive word-of-mouth effect was spread through its Fanpage, this make the brand become more popular.

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