Wedding Plaza

Wedding Plaza is an online wedding platform which provides latest wedding information for couples. It had held the first Hong Kong Online Wedding Expo for couples to choose their desired products and services for planning their own wedding. Online world is broadness, couples can search the latest popular trend from the industry, so they can plan their specified wedding; this is the reason why online shopping and digital marketing become popular.

We had designed and developed the official website of Wedding Plaza, which is used to display the latest information and trends for wedding ceremonies. The wedding information is diversified and comprehensive; couples can find all they want through the website. Besides, Facebook fan page, YouTube page, and mobile apps were developed to provide open platforms for couples and Wedding Plaza to build two-way communications.

As a result, Wedding Plaza successfully became a new and an important communication bridge between different wedding companies and couples. Owing to the positive word-of-mouth effects announced by its clients and couples, it had built a trustful image and gained high reputation in the industry.

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